Should America Embrace Smaller Aircraft Carriers?

t is one of the very best publicly available assessments of aspects of a potential China-American war, and it makes a clear and compelling case of its central conclusion: “Over the next five to 15 years, if U.S. and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces remain on roughly current trajectories, Asia will witness a progressively receding frontier of U.S. dominance.”


US expects China, Philippines to abide by UN ruling

WASHINGTON – Should a UN tribunal rule it has jurisdiction over a case brought by the Philippines against China’s nine-dash claim over the South China Sea, any arbitral decision the court makes would be binding to both countries, US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel said.


South China Sea: Lessons From History

The South China Sea conflict has put the United States in an uncomfortable position, despite the country not being a claimant in the row, owing to its diplomatic and strategic alliances with countries involved in…


In South China Sea, a Tougher U.S. Stance

The United States is poised to send naval ships and aircraft to the South China Sea in a challenge to Beijing’s territorial claims to its rapidly-built artificial islands, U.S. officials told Foreign Policy.


USA-China: Don’t Do Stupid Stuff

U.S. Policy Towards China: Imposing Costs Doesn’t Mean Ending Engagement Discussing U.S.-China relations is almost a recipe for misunderstanding, even among people who ostensibly speak the same language. Some misunderstandings are deliberate to discredit the…