Caricature: PH South China Sea Naval Patrols: A Wise Move?

PH South China Sea Naval Patrols: A Wise Move?

Opinion: PH South China Sea Naval Patrols: A Wise Move? In light of the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s decision to tackle the Philippines’ case versus China on the South China Sea Dispute, and the recent sortie within 12 nautical miles of one of China’s claimed maritime features in the South China Sea, lawmakers from the Philippine Congress urge the government to conduct “freedom of navigation” patrols in the region.

Justice Carpio says It's Going to be bad if UN Tribunal decides that it has no jurisdiction in PH Case vs China

PH Supreme Court Justice: It’s Going to be Bad if UN Tribunal Decides that It Has No Jurisdiction in PH Case vs China

Justice Carpio infers that if the UN Tribunal decides that it has no jurisdiction in the in PH Case vs China, the only way the Philippines can protect its maritimes zones is to “to buy warships, buy war planes, buy anti-ship missiles. Which means that there will be a naval arms race among coastal countries in the South China Sea.”

Is Hua Chunying a Liar?

Is Hua Chunying a Liar?

In October 14, 2015, in a press conference in Beijing regarding the artificial islands in the South China Sea, Hua Chunying, China’s Spokesperson for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the construction carried out on relevant islands and reefs is mainly to satisfy civilian needs, provide more public goods and services to the region, and better fulfill China’s international obligations.


U.S. Navy Patrols China Fake Islands: Is This War?

The Navy is preparing to send a surface ship inside the 12-nautical-mile territorial limit China claims for its man-made island chain, an action that could take place within days but awaits final approval from the Obama administration, according to military officials who spoke to Navy Times.


Spratly Issue: Death of our Sovereignty

BENEATH the islands invaded by China in the West Philippine Sea are 13 trillion dollars of proven huge reserve of gas as well as vast amount of oil that are the primary reasons of the dispute that continues to rage with no end in sight since China has been constructing its military bases in the West Philippine Sea to bolster its economic interest through creeping and very low intensity expansionism.


US expects China, Philippines to abide by UN ruling

WASHINGTON – Should a UN tribunal rule it has jurisdiction over a case brought by the Philippines against China’s nine-dash claim over the South China Sea, any arbitral decision the court makes would be binding to both countries, US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel said.