Is Hua Chunying a Liar?

Is Hua Chunying a Liar?

In October 14, 2015, in a press conference in Beijing regarding the artificial islands in the South China Sea, Hua Chunying, China’s Spokesperson for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the construction carried out on relevant islands and reefs is mainly to satisfy civilian needs, provide more public goods and services to the region, and better fulfill China’s international obligations.

Mines In The South China Sea

Mines In the South China Sea

A Chinese study envisions a first phase lasting 4-6 days in which 5-7,000 sea mines would be deployed into the water. That would be followed by a second phase planting another 7,000 mines. For a reference point, that total number of mines would exceed the number placed around Japan in Operation Starvation in 1945–the very effective U.S. military campaign referenced above.